Patent as a form of IP protection.

A patent is a right granted for any device, substance, method, process which is new, inventive and useful. Patents are legally enforceable and gives the owner the exclusive right to commercially exploit the invention for the life of the patent. The innovation patent is a protection option which is designed to protect inventions that are not sufficiently inventive. A good example is the ipod range.Continue reading “Patent as a form of IP protection.”


Trademark as a form of IP protection

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Today we will be looking at Trademark as a form of protection of your Intellectual Property.

A trademark is a sign used to differentiate your business, goods and services from that of others. It can also be a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established representing a company or product. The following can be registered under a trademark; logo, emblem, sign, stamp, symbol, device, badge, crest, insignia, seal, coat of arms, shield, motif, hallmark, figure, monogram, logotype, colophon etc. Examples of known registered trademarks are Dangote, David Wej, Twice as Nice etc.

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Copyright as a form of IP protection


Today we would be looking at Copyright as a form of protection for your intellectual property.

Copyright is the exclusive legal right granted by a statute to an author of certain works to reproduce, publish or distribute the matter and form of something as a literary, musical or artistic work. An author in this sense can mean a writer, artist, publisher, musician, performer, photographer, architect, film maker, and sculptor. What is protected is the actual literal or artistic work of the author (take note of this) and not titles, ideas, concepts, procedures, methods or things of similar nature.

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Intellectual Property Protection- Mini-series

Are you a business coach, Writer of blogger? Do you have a novel idea and are too afraid to tell anyone for fear of someone stealing that idea? Are you an entrepreneur with a small but thriving brand? Do you have a unique business name and are scared or losing it? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to watch out for this mini-series.

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Website disclaimers- a must for every site

Remember Mrs. Bolu’s one on one session with Becky in the last episode? I’m sure you do. During the session, Becky came to the conclusion that Mrs. Bolu was not making much sales because her brand wasn’t properly positioned and she was not maximizing her online presence.Continue reading “Website disclaimers- a must for every site”

Website Terms and Conditions: Importance of

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Becky’s website, as we all know, is now up and running and at the same time recording loads of traffic. In order to take advantage of this, she decided to turn her site into a money making machine by adding services that visitors could pay for directly from the website.

One of these services was her trademark Brand Assessment Session. It involved clients paying online to book one-on-one sessions with Becky for the analysis of their brand dynamics and the proffering of viable improvement solutions.

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Beware of Oral Contracts


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Last time out, we learnt how a simple waiver clause can protect your business from unwarranted liabilities. In case you missed it kindly follow #LegalBusiness to get updated.

BeWise Digital Limited had only recently started engaging with some major international partners and Becky had come to realise that she needed a website to properly portray her corporate image to the world. She was scheduled to speak at an international conference in 6 weeks and needed her website to be up and running before then.Continue reading “Beware of Oral Contracts”

Are you waiving your rights?

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We come back to Becky and BeWise Digital Limited (we’ve not forgotten about her, lol). Business had been good but the fuel scarcity and power supply situation in the country had started to affect the smooth running of her office. Getting petrol for the office generator had become a hassle and the generator had started developing faults. Since diesel seemed to be easier to come by these days, she decided to acquire a new diesel generator for the office.

She went to a renowned generator retailer close to her office called Jenkins Power and purchased a new diesel power generating set for N500,000. Part of documentation she signed when purchasing the generator was a Contract of Sale document – which she did not actually read because she was in a hurry.

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Non-Disclosure Agreement- Importance of…

Hello there my great minds! Our #LegalBusiness series continues
In our previous post, we saw how Joseph’s company Bionic Don Limited was slammed with a fine of N2 million for infringement of Becky’s company trademark.

Paying the fine from the lawsuit dug a hole in Joseph’s finances and he had to work extra hard to cover his losses.

It came as a relief when he happened upon an opportunity to submit a proposal to handle a major marketing campaign for one of the major pharmaceutical companies. Joseph usually subcontracted the design aspect of his work to a graphic design company owned by one of his friends Tunde and he worked closely with Tunde in preparing the brief for this job. Unknown to him, Tunde had also been contracted by a competitor agency named BYC Limited to work on their own proposal to bid for the same job that Joseph was chasing.

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