Website Terms and Conditions: Importance of

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Becky’s website, as we all know, is now up and running and at the same time recording loads of traffic. In order to take advantage of this, she decided to turn her site into a money making machine by adding services that visitors could pay for directly from the website.

One of these services was her trademark Brand Assessment Session. It involved clients paying online to book one-on-one sessions with Becky for the analysis of their brand dynamics and the proffering of viable improvement solutions.

Mrs. Bolu, a recent client of Becky’s, had booked and paid for a Brand Assessment Session online. A confirmation was sent to her to confirm the date and time chosen. The email also indicated that the client (in this case Mrs. Bolu) was at liberty to reschedule her session up to 24 hours before it was due to commence.

On the morning of the day of Mrs. Bolu’s consultation with Becky, she got into a discussion with her sister about her soon to commence session with Becky and disclosed the amount she had paid for it. Her sister felt it was too expensive. She advised Mrs. Bolu to cancel the session and ask for a refund saying that she knew someone who would render the same service for half the price Becky was charging.

Based on what her sister told her, Mrs. Bolu contacted Becky two (2) hours before her session to cancel the appointment and ask for a refund. She was however told that in line with the Terms and Conditions of the website (which she had agreed to), she could not request a refund because it was now less than 24 hours to the commencement of the session. Mrs. Bolu therefore had no choice but to carry on with the session… which eventually turned out to be worth every penny she paid.

Becky was saved from a frivolous cancellation which would have cost her time and loss of money.

Case Analysis.

Before going live with your website, you MUST have your custom made Terms and Conditions. The T’s and C’s as it is usually called is the only binding contract you have with users of your site. If it is not properly drafted to suit your business, you might end of loosing money.

Basic terms to be included.

These agreements should address some or all of the following: a clear statement that use of the website constitutes acceptance of the terms set forth in the Agreement; a detailed description of the services, products and/or information provided through the website; any payment terms and return policies for e-commerce websites; the method for creating and canceling accounts, if applicable; and so on.

NB: if you’re thinking of using Google Adsense as a Pay-Per-Click advertiser on your web site, it is required that you have the proper Terms and Conditions! Check it it’s in their TOS!

Finally, remember to always consult a professional to draft your Terms and Conditions because it is a legal document.

Thanks for reading through. Hope you learnt something valuable? Catch ya later! 🙂


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