Website disclaimers- a must for every site

Remember Mrs. Bolu’s one on one session with Becky in the last episode? I’m sure you do. During the session, Becky came to the conclusion that Mrs. Bolu was not making much sales because her brand wasn’t properly positioned and she was not maximizing her online presence.

Becky’s recommendation
was for BeWise Digital Limited to handle the rebranding and social media marketing for her company.

However, when the bill was forwarded to her, Mrs. Bolu felt it was too high. To save cost, she decided
that Becky’s company would handle the re­branding, while social media marketing would be handled
by her own staff whom Becky would train. Becky conducted the intensive training and left Mrs. Bolu’s
staff to handle the social media marketing while she focused on the rebranding as agreed.

Six months down the line, Mrs. Bolu was not getting the type of traffic she expected on her site and
she decided to pay Becky a visit. She expressed her disappointment and stated that she did not feel
she was getting value for her money. She once again went ahead to demand a refund and threatened
legal action if she did not get her money back. Becky decided to check out Mrs. Bolu’s social media
accounts and noticed that her staff had not been doing what she had taught them to do. They posted
infrequently and took days to respond to customer enquiries.

In addition to this, Becky’s lawyer had inserted a disclaimer and no­guarantee clause into her contract
with Mrs. Bolu. Becky reminded Mrs. Bolu of this, and also informed her of the negligence of her staff.

On hearing this, Mrs. Bolu had to calm down and withdraw her demand. Becky however offered to
conduct a refresher training for Mrs. Bolu’s staff.

Case analyses

Having a disclaimer on your website or contracts with your clients has now become a necessity. From
experience, we can see that clients (especially of service entrepreneurs) usually expect you to perform
magic on their business without wanting to play their part.

A disclaimer is a statement that basically holds you, harmless from prosecution. It also places
emphasis on the fact that as long as you have delivered on your part, you would not be held
responsible for any liability that arises from non performance of your client.

It is therefore a prerequisite for health coaches, business coaches, thought leaders and owners of
online businesses to place a Disclaimers clause on their website or written contract. This can be
placed in the footer or sidebar, if short, or on a Page with the link in your footer or sidebar, or even at
the bottom of your website or comments form.

My Disclaimer: This article is for general information purpose only and should not be taken as legal advice. Always consult your lawyer! Lol…








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