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Non-Disclosure Agreement- Importance of…

Hello there my great minds! Our #LegalBusiness series continues
In our previous post, we saw how Joseph’s company Bionic Don Limited was slammed with a fine of N2 million for infringement of Becky’s company trademark.

Paying the fine from the lawsuit dug a hole in Joseph’s finances and he had to work extra hard to cover his losses.

It came as a relief when he happened upon an opportunity to submit a proposal to handle a major marketing campaign for one of the major pharmaceutical companies. Joseph usually subcontracted the design aspect of his work to a graphic design company owned by one of his friends Tunde and he worked closely with Tunde in preparing the brief for this job. Unknown to him, Tunde had also been contracted by a competitor agency named BYC Limited to work on their own proposal to bid for the same job that Joseph was chasing.

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