Trademark- All you need to know…

Welcome to another episode of our Legal Business Series! Last time out, we discussed the importance of having your Incorporation documents drafted by a legal practitioner. If you missed it, please follow the hashtag #LegalBusiness to catch up. Remember Joseph? Becky’s former associate who stole away one of her clients (Alhaji Bako) and started hisContinue reading “Trademark- All you need to know…”

The ultra vires rule.

Welcome back! A short while after Joseph left, Becky put in a bid to a fairly large consumer product company called Maximus Inc. for a print and outdoor marketing campaign to launch their new product. Along with the bid, she was required to submit a copy of her company’s Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum andContinue reading “The ultra vires rule.”

Employment Contract- things to note…

Welcome back! The Chronicles of Becky continue… *wink* Recall that in our last episode Becky had to register BeckyWise Digital Limited in order to bring on a new investor and expand her operations. She was now able to get a new office location, upgrade her office equipment and employ additional staff… business was good. AsContinue reading “Employment Contract- things to note…”

Sole Proprietorship- what you need to know.

Day 2 Case study In the previous post, you were introduced to Becky, the high flying digital marketing professional, who lost her job and decided to start up her own Digital Marketing Agency. The structure she decided to adopt for her business was Sole Proprietorship. She figured this was the best option for her becauseContinue reading “Sole Proprietorship- what you need to know.”

Legal structure for your business

Case study. Becky, the vibrant and highly skilled Head of Digital Marketing for an upscale advertising firm, had long dreamt of going to the Maldives on vacation. She planned to go on the trip in June 2016 and had already saved about N700,000.00 to cover travelling expenses. Her dream went up in smoke when herContinue reading “Legal structure for your business”

Welcome to my blog!!!

Hiya! Welcome to my blog😁.My name is Ronke Omorodion. I am a Legal Practitioner (not charge and bail lawyer o! Lol) I would describe myself as a legal consultant with a passion for helping entrepreneurs build structured businesses that are legally sound. Now I know you might think once you register your business name orContinue reading “Welcome to my blog!!!”